About Us

Boaz Bar-Ami, the company's operations manager, noted that the growth and demand for innovation and prestige in the field of home design are gaining momentum and require an appropriate response. Therefore, we have worked so hard, imbued with faith that we will bring the next, most current, and most impressive thing.
We are happy and proud of the result.


Our Showroom

The showroom of our company has become famous for being the most luxurious and advanced complex in the design of the country. The atmosphere in the hall is based on the character of the pavilions at leading international exhibitions, and it creates a sense of a slight leap abroad for our satisfied customers.


Breakthrough in the world of home design

For over three decades, the Company has continued to import, to innovate and to surprise clients with their avant-garde ideas in the field of flooring, kitchen and bathroom. As a Company, we feel it is important to characterize each collection with an original and extraordinary statement, which is based on the current trends in home decor.
Thanks to our experience and extensive relationships with local and international Design Houses, as well as the foremost factories in the world, we are able to bring you the very best products at prices that are competitive, thus ensuring that our products are available for everyone.

We will be happy to serve you

We know that brand power and success are based on the human capital that makes up it. Therefore, the Bar-Ami team, which was carefully selected, is comprised of designers with extensive experience in the field. We invest in the staff and they are sent regularly to international exhibitions, in order to keep up with the world of the most innovative design.

The investment pays off and is reflected in the relationships of a team of customers who speak for themselves.
The motifs, ideas, materials, colors and texts inspired by the latest exhibitions can be seen at the Bar-Ami House.

The difference between living at home and feeling at home

As a family company, we are pleased to host you in our home and present you with the details and items that make for us all the difference. Our flag is engraved with the leading motto of high service awareness, responsibility and reliability combined with high quality products.