BARAMI Ceramics is celebrating the 35rd year since it was founded.
"Quality", "Dependability", "Innovation" – this triangle reflects one of the most notable factors that has resulted in the success of the company, says company founder, Mr. Moshe BARAMI.
Boaz BARAMI, the Company’s Operations Manager, very quickly realized that the growth and demand for innovation and luxury in the field of home design were gaining momentum and required an appropriate response.
Because of our beliefs and our deep conviction we worked hard, investing all of our efforts to ensure that we could provide customers with the latest designs which would be up-market, contemporary and as exciting as possible.
We are pleased and proud of the result.
Our Company’s Showroom has earned the reputation of being the most magnificent and ultra – modern complex for House Design And lighting in the country.
The ambience in our Showroom is based on the character of Pavilions at the leading international exhibitions, providing our satisfied clientele with the sensation of having taken a quick trip abroad.